Bluetooth Helmet in India

Need Of Bluetooth Helmet in India      

  Now-a-days the number of vehicles especially in metro cites are increasing day by day. Please use to bear lots of problems due to traffic jam.  The peoples, who use cars, have to suffer more than that of a biker. So the bikes are becoming the first preference of the peoples. That’s why the market of high range bikes like Harley Davidson, KTM, BWM is growing very rapidly.

        One of the most common problems while riding a bike is handling the calls. Especially the marketing executives who are mostly on the road use to miss their important calls. Sometimes these missed calls become the cause for many problems in their professional life.


        Sometimes it is seen that the persons are talking with their phone while riding the bike with very awkward manner. In this way they either lose their bike control or may user their phone also. While an incoming call, to search for a side in the crowd, taking out your phone from your pocket, removing the helmet and then finally connect the call can take lots of time as well as irritation. Overall while riding a bike if a call comes, it’s too difficult to answer the calls.

        GREEN STONE Technology has researched on these problems and developed the concept of Bluetooth Helmets. The Bluetooth Helmets are having an inbuilt Bluetooth System by which any Bluetooth device as here the mobile phone can be connected and the basic functions of that mobile can be easily accessed with the dedicated keys on the Helmet. Now while riding the bike if any call comes, the helmet will announce the number of the caller and as per the importance of call one can simply connect or disconnect the call using the dedicated key on the helmet.

        These helmets can be found in all the topmost e-commerce market place like Amazon, Flipkart, EBay, Snapdeal and paytm with minor variation in price. The best part of this Bluetooth helmet is that it comes with 1 year complete warranty so GREEN STONE is providing complete service to its customer so anyone can easily go for this unique product and hence the problems while riding can be easily minimized. 

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